NOTE: Hunting memberships are full for the 2016/17 season.

Memberships are limited each month and all applicants must schedule a visitation prior to any application being accepted.

Pistol memberships are for the use of pistol bays only. Unlimited memberships have access to all ranges. $35.00 guest fees apply to all members guest. Family plans includes spouse and any sibling 21 and under.

The Initiation Fee is a one time fee. If for any reason a member does not renew and later decides to rejoin the initiation fee is waived.

New Members are required to attend a Safety/Orientation class prior to having access to the range. Memberships start the day of orientation and will be renewable by member in good standing one year from that date. Orientation for new members is 2nd Saturday of every month unless scheduled otherwise. Any applicant applying for Unlimited membership must have a general knowledge of rifle zeroing skills and be required to shoot a 5” MOA group at a 100 yards the day of orientation before having access to any long range bay.

Membership Levels

Pistol-only Membership

Includes shooting pistol, rifle, and shotgun in small bay areas only.

Single Family
Initiation Fee $200 $200
Annual Fee $225 $300
Unlimited Membership

Unlimited memberships have access to all ranges.

Single Family
Initiation Fee $300 $300
Annual Fee $425 $550
Lifetime Membership

Family membership is spouse and any siblings 21 years old and under. Membership is lifetime for all family members.

Single Family
One-time Fee $4000 $7000
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